About Medical Business Brokers

Medical Business Brokers is a specialist Business Brokerage and Valuations Consultancy serving the needs of those within the medical professions in Australia. Our service extends to both those seeking to acquire a business and also those looking to divest their interest. As qualified and registered business valuers, we can also provide a valuation service that meets the needs of a wide range of purposes such as sale, tax office compliance, family law court, partnership disputes or dissolution.

We cater to a range of clients from small to medium sized independent practices to large corporate firms.  Our scope covers such disciplines as Family Medicine – General Practice, Dental, Physiotherapy, Radiology, Podiatry, Optometry, Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology and other medical disciplines. We specialise in the sale of practices in the $150,000 to $5 Million price range.

Medical Business Brokers work under the commission model for all sales. This means that we are driven to get the best outcome for all the clients that we represent. Using a commission based broker ensures the seller of these important points

  • the broker is driven to sell the business in order to obtain their own income
  • the broker is driven to obtain the highest price for the business in all cases
  • the broker is driven to represent the business right through until final completion to ensure that the sale process does not become “unhinged” at any point

What is a non commission broker? Non commissioned brokers tend to work for an ongoing retainer payment or monthly fee with no final commission at point of sale. Non commissioned brokers therefore have no incentive to sell your business, no incentive to seek the highest price and no incentive to see that the process runs smoothly and in the shortest timeframe possible. Non commissioned brokers have no incentive to manage your process in detail to final completion as the successful sale does not impact their income stream. In fact, for non commissioned brokers, the longer your business remains on the market, the more they can collect. Most people only sell one business in their professional lifetime, it’s important for sellers to align themselves with a brokerage model that can maximise their outcome.

Our service is extensive and tailored to meet the needs of each business seller.

Brian Hill

Medical Business Brokers Managing Director, Brian Hill, has over 30 years of exposure to, and experience within, the medical market in Australia. Formerly a health care professional with tertiary qualifications from the University of Newcastle and the University of Sydney, Brian has built, run and successfully sold his own practice on the NSW coast.  Brian has also founded, grown and sold a specialised niche medical recruitment company. This firm which started in Australia grew to become a multinational corporation with office locations in Australia and South Africa and operations in New Zealand, the Middle East, the United Kingdom and the United States with a staff headcount in excess of 100. Following the acquisition of his recruitment firm, Brian worked for over 4 years as Managing Director of part of a publicly listed entity on the UK stock exchange. This role saw Brian managing businesses across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa, with a large exposure to finance, forecasting, market trends and acquisitions and the direct management and control of an extensive headcount and international budget.

Selling and Valuing medical practices has returned Brian back to his passion which is the direct engagement and liaison with business owners. Utilising his market knowledge, analytical financial skills, extensive national and international business experience and proven history in growing and divesting two of his own companies, Brian extends this expertise and a highly commercial, professional and confidential service to all those looking to either sell or buy a business or require a professional valuation in the medical sector in Australia.

For business sellers this means access to a range of national and international potential buyers, complete confidentiality, negotiation of the best sale price on your behalf, the ability to continue to drive and focus on your business throughout the sale process, the security of a sound appraisal process and highly professional representation.

For business buyers this means access to a range of national businesses that have been vetted and prepared for sale with documentation at hand to provide high level evaluation followed by a guided transition to due diligence and completion.

Our Services Include

We offer extensive services to those looking to sell their business including

  • preparing a business for sale
  • analysis of all financials
  • appraisals and valuation
  • preparation of detailed appraisal memorandum
  • preparation of extensive business information memorandum
  • confidentiality agreement document execution for all enquiries
  • confidential marketing and attraction of buyers including both local and international
  • data mining within our contact database as well as direct sourcing potential business acquirers
  • liaison with corporate contacts as potential acquisition firms
  • vetting of buyers for financial strength and commercial fit
  • negotiation of sale price
  • liaison with legal and accounting firms for contracts of sale and settlement procedures


Our website contains just a selection of our businesses for sale, contact us if you are looking to buy or sell a Medical Business.
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