Medical Business Appraisals

Medical Business Brokers offer an appraisal service to those considering listing their business for sale for a small fee. Should you then decide to list your business for sale with us, the appraisal fee will be deducted from the sale fee upon successful completion of a sale.

In order for us to provide a realistic appraisal estimate, we will require a detailed list of documentation which will include financial and commercial documents relating to your business as well as general questionnaire about the business in order for us to conduct  risk assessment.  As most health related business values are highly apportioned to Goodwill, this risk assessment is essential.

We will then provide you with an extensive evaluation appraisal report based on the financial and commercial information that you have provided and using such methodologies as the discounted cashflow method and multiples method to provide an evaluated range of potential sale value of your business .

At that point in time, you as the vendor can decide if you wish to engage our services to sell your business and drive the sale process through listing, marketing, vetting of purchasers, execution of contracts and confidentiality agreements, due diligence, deposit trust management, liaison with lawyers and accountants and settlement.

For more information on the appraisal process, please contact us.

Our Services Include

We offer extensive services to those looking to sell their business including

  • preparing a business for sale
  • analysis of all financials
  • appraisals and valuation
  • preparation of detailed appraisal memorandum
  • preparation of extensive business information memorandum
  • confidentiality agreement document execution for all enquiries
  • confidential marketing and attraction of buyers including both local and international
  • data mining within our contact database as well as direct sourcing potential business acquirers
  • liaison with corporate contacts as potential acquisition firms
  • vetting of buyers for financial strength and commercial fit
  • negotiation of sale price
  • liaison with legal and accounting firms for contracts of sale and settlement procedures


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