General Medical Practice -Sydney South West


Family Medicine Practice for Sale

Business ID: SSW 0021

Location: Sydney South West

URGENT SALE –  This long standing family medical centre is located in South West Sydney. Close to major transport links including bus and rail just a few hundred metres away. Practice consists of 8 consultation rooms and receptions area. Due to a change in circumstances, the owner needs to sell this practice and is looking for a fast divestment. Billings in the 2019/2020 year were approximately $2,100,000 for the year. The seller accounted for around 45% of this total and will not continue working at the site. The other incumbent staff have indicated that they will remain. Priority will be given to buyers that can show that they are in a financial position to complete a transaction without needing to seek bank finance as this will cause significant delays.

Staffing consists of

  • 1 x Full Time GP
  • 1 x Part Time GP
  • 1 x Final Year GP Registrar
  • Visiting Psychiatrist and General Surgeon
  • 2 x Clinical Psychologists (Part Time)
  • 2 x Psychologists ( Part Time)
  • 1 x Podiatrist (Part Time)
  • 2 x Physiotherapists (Part Time)
  • 1 x Exercise Physiologist (Part Time)
  • 1 x Part time hearing clinic worker

All the above are being paid a percentage of their takings each week.

Other Key Points

  • Practice is AGPAL Accredited
  • Practice nurse currently on maternity leave but due to return
  • No Pathology subtenant in place however this can be implemented
  • Long lease terms (Freehold property is not for sale)
  • Experienced reception staff
  • 90% Bulk Billing – 10% private
  • Best Practice Software in place

The practice is open to sensible and serious offers. Buyers should be able to show as part of their application the willingness and approved finances to complete a fast transaction.

No information provided until a Confidentiality Agreement is executed.  Please complete the Confidentiality Agreement below

Confidentiality Agreement

  • I/We, being the people named in the Schedule set out below, acknowledge that we are prospective Buyers of businesses described in the Schedule and of other businesses of which Medical Business Brokers Pty Ltd and its agents have brought to our attention and in consideration of you and the Seller allowing us to inspect a business profile and other material relating to the businesses and / or the Seller’s agreement and your arrangement on the Seller’s behalf to allow us to inspect the businesses we acknowledge and agree as follows:
    1. The business profile and material may include:
    (a) Non verified and unaudited trading results and or profit and loss reports, balance sheets, budgets and forecasts
    (b) Industry information, costs/expenses, projected trading estimations, sales, marketing and employment details

    2. That the profile and its information are to be used and accepted as a guide only. All information contained in it, is our responsibility to verify and confirm, and we agree not to hold Medical Business Brokers Pty Ltd and or its salespersons and authorised personnel responsible for its accuracy, liability, or loss suffered by us in relation to the information contained in the profile.

    3. The business profile and material and all things connected and related to this material are Confidential and we agree not to disclose them to any other person except our legal, accounting, financial advisers and bankers but then only on the basis that they have to provide to us their agreement prior to receipt of the material to keep this information confidential unless the Seller’s prior written consent is first had and obtained to disclosure of this material to that party.

    4. We acknowledge, that as a result of perusing the business profile and material, and during the course of the inspection of the business we will become aware of information regarding the operation of the business and in particular the marketing of the business which is personal to the seller and which has real financial value to the Seller. We acknowledge that should such information become known to the Seller’s competitors or other parties interested in setting up a similar business in opposition to the Seller or used by ourselves in the operation of a similar business that these actions could cause financial hardship to the Seller and therefore the Seller might seek compensation. Except when particular information is unique to an industry and all like organisations and businesses would under normal operational circumstances become aware of such information do and conduct such business operations in the course of their endeavours.

    5. All inspections of the business are to be by appointment, arranged through Medical Business Brokers only, and we agree not to attempt to inspect the business or the premises upon which the business is carried on, or contact the Seller direct other than through and with Medical Business Brokers agents. I/We have been introduced to the business[es] by Medical Business Brokers Pty Ltd and or its personnel.

    6. We acknowledge that Medical Business Brokers is the agent for the seller and that all offers, correspondence and deposits are to be transacted through Medical Business Brokers unless specified otherwise in writing.

    7. We acknowledge that if we buy directly from the seller or introduce a 3rd party to the seller who subsequently buys an introduced business then we will be liable to pay and agree to pay any commissions or sale fees that Medical Business Brokers may lose as a result of the direct transaction.


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